Zid (1994)

Jay has been raised by his grandmother, who pampers him and never refuses him anything. When Jay desires for a horse, she gets one, and he names it Dildaara. But Jay’s love for the horse turns into an obsession. He then becomes an enthusiastic though inexperienced ride. His obsession makes his grandmother conclude that it is time that she gave away Dildaara. Later, when Jay finds that his horse is missing, he confronts his grandmother and is shocked to learn that she has given away his horse. Later, Jay ends up falling in love with the girl, whose father had bought Dildaara. Thus, Dildaara re-enters into Jay’s life.

YOR- 1994
Star Cast- Jay Mehta, Raageshwari, Mala Sinha, Rajeev Verma
Director- Esmayeel Shroff
Producer- Pranlal Mehta
Cinematographer- Pramod Mital
Music Director- O.P. Nayyar
Lyricist- Qamar Jalalabadi, Noor Dewasi
Story- Moin-Ud-Din
Editor- R. Rajendranspx

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