TSP’s Rabish Ki Report UNCENSORED || Ep 01 Laundo Ki House Party ft Arnub

India’s most popular news reporter Raja Rabish Kumar goes out to hear the feelings of today’s youth which he feels is being deprived of their fundamental rights. He lands up at a bachelor pad, where a house party is being organized.

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Directed by : Abhinav Anand
Written by : Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish
Co-Written by : Shivankit Singh Parihar
Executive Producer : Arun Kumar
Creative Producer : Shreyansh Pandey
Assistant Director : Parikshit Joshi, Himanshu Chouhan
DOP : Jerin Paul
Assitant DOP : Hilal Mir
Edited by : Sahil Verma, Divyajot Singh
Costume Stylist : Pranjal Jain
Art : Gourab Banerje
Graphics : Madhuri Rathi
Production Manager : Aanup Doshi
Production Executive : Dinesh Rawat
Location : Aaram Nagar, Andheri West
Cast : Shivankit Singh Parihar, Arun Kushwah, Badri Chavan, Himanshu Chouhan, Harish Peddinti, Rohit Gouti, Sachin Negi, Sachin Singala
Special Thanks : Biswapati Sarkar

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