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The Reunion | Season 2 | Episode 2 | Kuch Old Kuch New | The Zoom Studios

Leela is no more with the Pujaris. It’s real, and it’s forever. She’s in that hole, the earth is on top of her, and she’s not flinging it aside and rising up. Aman & Amol know her as Mom. Atika knows and loves her in yet a different way. Madhav knows her fears, strengths, hopes, and dreams children never saw. They all love, but in such different ways. What better way to leave a lasting legacy than to include touching and fun-filled stories in a funeral service? Emotions are raw as Pujaris are prepping up for Leela’s funeral service. She’s someone with whom they’ve shared history; the way they’ve loved, like the way they remember, is unique to each of one of them. And now through this modern “Shokh Sabha”, they’re listening to stories, laughing, crying, and through this process they’re developing a special bond that’s connecting them through Leela. But are all memories worth sharing? Will Pujaris realize that every single life is different, and so is every death and so is every funeral? Watch episode 2 of The Reunion to find out! #ChalChaleinApneGhar