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The Reunion | Season 2 | Episode 1 | Ek Kadam Aage, Do Kadam Peeche | The Zoom Studios

Kisine sach hi kaha hai “Kabhi kabhi aage jaane ke liye, piche mud ke dekhna zaruri hota hai.” Aur yeh baat Pujari family se behtar koi nahi jaanta. 2 estranged brothers, a daughter-in-law who’s never met the family, a neighbor who’s more family than the real family and a stoic father, find themselves in an unexpected turmoil. Distance that has kept them away for years, is now calling them home! Will the Pujaris grieve for all the time that has been lost? Or has the time finally come when they’ll be flooded with a year’s worth of emotion in a single instant through this unexpected Reunion? Watch episode 1 of The Reunion to find out! #ChalChaleinApneGhar