The Day After | A little boy goes missing | TTT

A loved one goes missing and panic strikes.
Abhishek Sengupta’s ‘The Day After’ takes you on a journey that’s bigger than you can imagine.

Directed by Abhishek Sengupta
Written by Sharanya Rajgopal, and Abhishek Sengupta
Producer : Anuj Gosalia, Chintan Ruparel
Produced by Firecracker Productions
Producer: Prashant Rao
Associate Producer: Karishma Kapoor
Casting Director: Shaarika Pandit
Creative Producer: Sharanya Rajgopal, Chintan Ruparel
Editor: Shailesh Darekar
Cinematography: Hari K Vedantam
Music: Aditya N.
Sound Designer: Rahul Joshi


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