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Nalayaks | Web Series | S01E02 – ICE CREAM औकात अनुसार | Nazarbattu

Sandy and Laddu join a gym – one dream fitness. A miscommunication occurred between Laddu and the lady gym trainer. That’s why, Laddu and Sandy were thrown out of the place. Fortunately, they meet Riya one more time, on ice-cream stall outside the gym, where they had an argument with her boyfriend - Vishal. He insults Sandy terribly. His words threshed Sandy’s feelings. So he finally takes charge of his life after apprehending the significance of money and decides to do something for the earning.

Edited & Directed by – Ameen Khan

Written by – Vikas Gulia & Dinesh Singh

DOP – Zahir Naqvi

Laddu – Pawan Yadav

Sandy – Rajat Verma

Gym Trainer – Barnali Barman

Sandy’s Mother – Neeru Sandhu

Riya – Shruti Khanna

Cyber Café Uncle – Sushil Parwana

Laddu’s Mother – Aruna Soni

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