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Bestfriends | Ep 3/3 – Bestfriend Ka Birthday

Alright is here with a unique and amazing webseries, Bestfriends. Powered by Domino's Bestfriends is a story of four friends Nikhil, Ayesha, Rohit, and Kanika, during the lockdown. They are office colleagues working in a modern upcycle lifestyle startup.

#Dosthotohaisa #DominosPizzaIndia #ZeroContactDelivery #OrderKarnaSafeHai

In Episode 3, the story revolves around Kanika's birthday cake that has been sent by her HR to cut on a video call celebration with her colleagues. While putting it carefully in the fridge, she mishandles it and, the cake falls and gets destroyed. Terrified of the insult that she will face due to her clumsiness Kanika seeks help from her best friends. But will her best friends be able to save her in this situation or not? Watch ahead this full episode to find out.

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More about the actors:
Anushka Sharma: Her bubbly and girl next door image in dating videos is what attracts the audience. #AnushkaSharma has worked with several other YouTube channels such as Pataakha, The Timeliners, and Hasley India. Follow Anushka Sharma on Instagram to know more about her:

Ritvik Sahore: Ritvik Sahore is an actor, known for Dangal, Ferrari Ki Sawaari, Awkward Conversations and Flames. You can also watch Ritvik Sahore on other youtube channels like The Timeliners, The ScreenPatti, Filtercopy, and RVCJ Media as well. To know more about Ritvik follow him on Instagram as well:

Mehek Mehra: Mehek Mehra is an actor whom you can see in various web series. Mehek Mehra is known for his amazing acting skills and bubbly nature. You can watch videos like Girls Sleepover, Long Distance Relationship by Alright to see more from Mehek Mehra. So to know more about Mehek Mehra follow her on Instagram as well:

Ritik Ghanshani: Ritik Ghanshani is an Indian actor and dancer as well! He is a theatre enthusiast. He has done various short films. You can also watch Ritik Ghanshani in Types of Addicts during Lockdown by Alright. To know more about him follow Ritik on Instagram as well

Director: Akhilesh Vats
Written By: Harshpal Singh
Head Of Content: Neel Jadhav
Creative Director: Akhilesh Vats
Chief Assistant Director: Manan Gouri
Producer: Himanshu Solanki and Hardik Gambhir
Assistant Director: Akshit Grover
Production Manager: Nishu Yadav
Costume Stylist: Aditi Srivastava
Casting: Akhilesh Vats, Himanshu Solanki,Palash Ghodeswar, Shivam Gupta
Post Production Head: Ankit Tripathi
Editor: Jai Prakash
Motion Graphics: Saiyam Verma, Shubham Kumar
Music: Epedemic
Graphics: Ravinder Gill
Marketing: Ayush Panwar, Shivangi Verma, Sanchit Kalra, Pranjali Mehmi, Shivangi Panwar, Komal Gangar, Siddharth Makkar
Cast: Ritvik Sahore, Anushka Sharma, Ritik Ghanshani, Mehak Mehra,Gunjan Bajaj, Akhilesh Vats, Manan Gouri
Produced By: Rusk Media

Alright is a part of Rusk Media. At Rusk, we believe that conversations in #India are best transformed into path-breaking ideas over a cup of steaming hot chai! Our mission is to incite these conversations amongst the next 30M digital consumers of our country- Generation Z!

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