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Alright! Backpackers S1 Official Trailer

For all the #travel lovers out there who love chasing some uncertain and unplanned miles then this new Alright #webseries "Backpackers" is your soul story. #Backpackers is a story of Kanan and Era, 2 travel lovers who happen to meet each other during a trip to Manali and this unforgettable journey sparks a never ending bond in them. So, if travelling and love together is an epic combination for you as well too then wait for this new upcoming web series on Alright!

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Alright is a part of Rusk Media. At Rusk, we believe that conversations in #India are best transformed into path-breaking ideas over a cup of steaming hot chai! Our mission is to incite these conversations amongst the next 30M digital consumers of our country- Generation Z!

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The Alright Squad has been successful in creating hindi entertainment videos that deals with the day to day life struggles of every Indian middle-class #family and romance of #couples. Be it a relationship with your father, a fight which happens between every dadi and nani, or thoughts which couples go through while dating or on their #honeymoon, we have been successful in depicting the real-life problems of every Indian family and couples.

Alright is your one-stop-shop for when you're looking for some hindi entertainment comic relief in life? When life gets too hard and you need to lighten the mood, tune into Alright. The #funny videos and sketch hindi comedy on Alright will have you smiling in no time at all. If you love watching short funny videos on The Timeliners, Filtercopy, The Viral Fever then the mini #webseries on Alright will make you nod along in agreement because they bring the deep-rooted sensibilities of middle-class India to the fore. The struggles of the middle class, struggles that you and I have all gone through, are shown in a comic scape through hindi entertainment, leaving you with no choice but to laugh along.

The videos on Alright are highly relatable because they take inspiration from our everyday lives. These bite-sized snippets of daily life, with a hindi #comedy angle thrown in, will touch you to your very core.

But that's not all! Alright is also a great digital platform for students, struggling artists, theatre performers and anyone who has a soft corner for hindi entertainment and hindi comedy. We love to discover hidden talent and showcase it for the world to enjoy. If you love watching short funny videos on The Timeliners, Filtercopy, The Viral Fever then you would definitely love watching Alright! Alright is a game-changer for all those who aspire to create hindi entertainment fiction content of premium quality. It gives a platform to both upcoming as well as established artists who love to tickle people's funny bone. Sketch hindi comedy, web sketches,short videos, really funny videos - you name it and you'll find it on Alright.